Protocol Proxy Engine

  • This off-chain engine acts as a β€œsource of data” layer from the User Interface point of view.

  • The backend engine is responsible for interfacing with the data engine and thereby different DeFi protocols to fetch and serve the user data, protocol data, and call data for the different actions across the protocols.

  • The user interface essentially shows the current state of the user account and the Lucidity protocol that this backend is querying.

  • The stateless backend features the REST adapter that exposes β€œRESTful” endpoints.

  • For data availability and protocol interfacing, this service depends on the β€œData Engine”.

  • This component has been introduced into the product with the vision of making the user interface as light as possible, integrations as fast as possible and templatize the process to add new protocol adapters as soon as possible so that Lucidity can allow other developers and protocols to write adapters for their own / other protocols and integrate in Lucidity.

  • Also, separating the data querying logic from the User Interface layer allows us to create multiple types of UIs (desktop, mobile apps, and on-chain oracles) without affecting the other components significantly.

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