Lucidity's optimal leverage discovery is enabled through Lucidity’s flagship discovery engine, which currently runs on real-time data to score various markets in accordance with a user's risk preferences.

For discovering, comparing, and evaluating various leverage sources, follow these steps:


  • On the "Markets" tab, you will have two sections, “Lend” and “Borrow” from where you can start your leverage journey.

  • Under “Lend”, in the “Supply Asset” section, click on the dropdown button to select the asset that you want to lend.

  • In the “Optimise for” section, choose which parameters you wish to optimize in your position. You have to select at least one parameter. For lenders, there are two toggles:

    • Supply APY: APY offered on the supplied capital

    • Supplied Liquidity: The total supplied liquidity in a protocol for the selected asset

    • Read more to understand how these toggles affect the scoring.

  • Next, select your “Risk Rating” based on your appetite. This is a TVL-based filter on the markets that Lucidity will list and score for you:

    • Safe: Protocols with TVL > $100M

    • Intermediate: Protocols with TVL > $10M

    • Degen: All available markets for the selected asset

  • Now, click on “Optimise” to proceed further and to open your “Lend” position.

  • You will be shown a list of available markets where you can select markets where you wish to lend your asset. You may select one or more than one markets.

  • You can compare parameters and decide which market(s) you wish to deploy your assets on.

  • The score given by the discovery engine is not an independent measure of risk, but a relative score per the optimise toggle you chose.

  • Once you have a decision, check out how to originate new positions here.


  • To navigate the available markets, go to the “Borrow” tab, you will be shown two options:

    • Use Existing Supplies

    • Create new positions

  • Select "Create new positions". Borrower's discovery journey is very similar to that of a lender, with some additional considerations:

  • Select the collateral asset you wish to supply, and the debt asset you wish to borrow, and enter the amount to borrow.

  • Under the optimize for section, click the parameters you wish to optimize for. Available toggles:

    • Net APY: Supply APY + (LTV * Borrow APY)

    • Available Liquidity: Asset liquidity available to borrow

    • Loan-to-Value (LTV): Max debt-to-collateral ratio allowed for the selected collateral

    • Liquidation Threshold: Debt-to-collateral ratio at which the position will become eligible for liquidation

    • Read more to understand how these toggles affect the scoring.

  • Click Optimise to see the list of available markets for the chosen asset pair, with associated scoring. Learn more about how the scoring works here.

The score is calculated based on real-time data and may not always agree with a user's personal preferences. The user is always suggested to do her research before deploying capital into any protocol.

  • Select the market(s) you wish to open the position(s) on. If you select more than one market, all positions will be opened up parallelly for you - in a single batched transaction.

  • Once you've decided which market(s) to deploy to, go through the origination steps.

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